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The Bunny Club

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The Rules of Bunny Club
1. You tell everyone you know about Bunny Club.
2. You tell everyone you don't know about Bunny Club.
3. When someone yells "What's that lovely smell?" or starts covertly sniffing you, you'll know your membership is working.
4. Only one person to a membership.
5. One membership at a time.
6. No shirts, no shoes (well, not when you're bathing anyway...unless you're into that kind of thing).
7. Memberships go on as long as you still need to smell delightful.
8. If this is your first time at Bunny Butt Apothecary, you must take a bath immediately.

Basically? Bunny Club is a membership-based rewards system. In addition to all the normal awesome stuff you can do when you create an account (like compile a wishlist, store your info and order history and the like), you'll earn 1 Bunny Club point for every $1 you spend. Enable a friend and you'll also get a point for every $1 they spend on their first order. 10 Bunny Club points = $1, and you can cash them in any time you place an order! Click here to read the complete set of details and rules.

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