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Our Ingredients
Avocado Oil: Avocado contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and Beta carotene, making it an extremely nourishing addition to soaps and creams.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is rich in fatty acids and is soothing and lubricating. It is a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin making it an ideal ingredient for all our wonderfully moisturizing formulas.

Cocoa Butter: Obtained from the cacao bean, it has a beautiful, rich aroma of dark chocolate. This edible fat from the cocoa pod is a stable fat containing natural antioxidants that give it a long shelf life of over 3 years. Cocoa butter is a soothing emollient that has been used for centuries in Africa to heal and moisturize skin that has been exposed to the elements. It is also known to reduce the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy by keeping the skin supple. We use raw cocoa butter in our Death by Chocolate whipped butter, but the cocoa butter in our creams is refined to allow the awesome fragrances to shine.

Coconut Oil: This oil, solid at room temperature, is made by cutting and drying coconuts until the moisture content of the meat is minimized. The dried copra is then grated and expeller pressed to remove the oil, which is then refined. Coconut oil is useful in formulations for dry, itchy, sensitive skin. It will not clog pores and it absorbs readily into the skin. It is also a wonderful addition to cold-process soap due to its lathering qualities.

Emulsifying Wax NF: This vegetable based emulsifying wax is used to keep the oil and water from separating in creams and lotions.

Essential Oils: Produced through distillation from plant material using water, steam or both. They have medicinal properties related to the chemical constituents of the plant and are the basis of the practice of aromatherapy.

Flavor Oils: Fragrance oils that have been formulated to be safe for internal use in products such as lip balms.

Fragrance Oils: Aromatic oils comprised of a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients. Fragrance oils often get a bad rap because they're man-made as opposed to all natural; but never fear, we only use high grade oils that have been formulated specifically for safe use on the skin. Though mother nature certainly knows best, many essential oils can be irritating to the skin and very pricey due to the rare nature of the plant in question -- in cases such as these, synthetics can actually be the safer, greener option.

Glycerin: This slightly sticky liquid is a natural byproduct of the soap-making process. It is a humectant that draws moisture to itself and has emollient like properties which can soften and soothe the skin and it assists the outer epidermis to retain moisture.

Honey: Said to be a natural antiseptic due to its tendency to absorb the life-sustaining moisture out of bacterial cell walls. Honey attracts the dirt from skin pores and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. It, therefore, is said to be a natural skin cleanser and softener.

Palm Oil: Extracted from the fruit of the African palm tree, this yellowish fatty oil has excellent qualities for skin care formulations.

Palm Kernel Oil: The kernels of the oil palm are obtained from the nuts after they have been separated from the residual pulp obtained in the extraction of palm oil from the fruit. Like coconut oil, palm kernel oil possesses a high percentage of lauric acid. This results in a hard soap that lathers well and gives firmness to other formulations.

Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol: A preservative which goes under the trademark name of Optiphen - paraben and formaldehyde-free, it is a unique liquid preservative formulation which consists of phenoxyethanol and an emollient base. Phenoxyethanol is an organic chemical compound - a glycol ether, to be more precise - which functions as a bactericide.

Raspberry Seed Oil: Red raspberry seed oil possesses an exceptionally high proportion of alpha and gamma tocopherols (Vitamin E), vitamin A and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Red raspberry seed oil offers the skin broad spectrum protection from damaging UV-A and UV-B rays, in addition to having great anti-inflammatory properties. This oils is an integral component of our facial care products!

Rice Bran Oil: Rice bran, which is obtained in the milling process, is the part of the rice that is richest in fat. This natural oil, which is expeller pressed, has the presence of natural antioxidants.

Shea Butter: African healers have used shea butter for thousands of years as the ideal treatment for dry or aging skin. Its high content of non-saponifiables and unique fatty acid profile gives it the ability to moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin. Shea butter also helps to protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun while repairing cellular degeneration.

Soybean Oil: Soya Bean is extremely high in Lecithin, Sterolins, and Vitamin E. It is a light oil which easily absorbs into the skin.

Sunflower Oil: Oil cold pressed from sunflower seeds. This oil contains high amounts of Vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals, lecithin, insulin, unsaturated fatty acids - especially good for sensitive or damaged skin.

T-50, Vitamin E (Tocopherol): A natural anti-oxidant containing alpha tocopherol which extends the shelf life of oil-based products by slowing the natural oxidation process, not to mention it's great for your skin!