About Us

Bunny Butt began in late 2007 in central New Jersey, when Anya decided that making the world smell better was a far more noble goal than writing her honors thesis in Victorian literature. Since then, the company has grown by leaps and bounds, as one would expect from such an aptly titled enterprise. Lovingly named after Bunny and Other Bunny, who spent much of their early lives slyly nibbling at scattered pieces of soap, the monicker also reflects our commitment to cruelty free ingredients and practices. In 2009, we relocated to Santa Barbara, CA where we continue to be endlessly inspired by the mountains, the ocean, and of course the local wine.

Why Bunny Butt?

Bunny Butt Apothecary is based around the fine balance between the conscientiously serious and the lightheartedly silly. The mission is to bring you effective, health-conscious bath and body products without sacrificing the fun. After all, if you’re going to spend good money on a bar of soap, shouldn’t it at least smell awesome? But everything that goes on your body, goes in your body, hence our philosophy: if it’s going in there, it better be good! We place a principal focus on natural ingredients, blended with carefully chosen synthetics, and topped off with the funnest most delicious smells we can get our hands on.

The short story? With the increasing popular focus on a natural lifestyle, the widespread misconception has arisen that “natural” is always better, gentler, and more effective. This is sometimes true, but just as often false. Natural ingredients can be just as likely to elicit an allergic reaction as synthetic ones — for example, if you happen to be allergic to lavender, even the finest Bulgarian lavender oil won’t do you any good — and the idea that “natural” always equals “safe” is really quite a silly notion. Natural, organically grown poison ivy will still give you a wicked rash.

This is why we look at “natural” not as a sublime ideal but as a functional gradient. Even the most natural ingredients need to put up with some human interference before they can be reasonably used in body care formulations. Essential oils, if nothing else, still need to be extracted. All of nature is made up of “chemicals” and there’s nothing that comes out of a lab that didn’t start out somewhere in the natural universe.

Why the name? With the popularity of the Leaping Bunny program, bunnies have become a sort of symbol of cruelty free practices, and our owner and founder is madly in love with her own two bunnies. Plus, bunny butts smell like a spring meadow, didn’t you know?

The Articles of Concoction

ARTICLE I. intelligent design. It’s true that the simplest solutions are sometimes the most effective. This is why our products are loaded with raw plant oils and butters that’ll keep your skin happy, healthy, and pleasantly moisturized. However, we also recognize that there’s something to be said for modern advances. Each product is a meritocracy. Nothing makes it into our formulations without a good reason — if it’s in there, it’s pulling its weight — but nothing is left out because it doesn’t jive with some marketing hype. We’ve done our research and formulated our products to combine the best of both worlds. By extension, we trust that our customers are responsible, intelligent human beings who aren’t scared and befuddled by labels containing scientific names and who are capable of making their own informed decisions.

ARTICLE II. uncompromising safety. It’s an unavoidable fact that some situations demand a little chemical intervention to prevent any nasties from starting up a cultured society in your toiletries. Rule of thumb: as soon as you add water to a product you’ve got the plastic jar equivalent of a fertile river delta — a veritable cradle of civilization — on your hands. No, preservatives aren’t good for you (they’re engineered to kill microorganisms, after all), but unless you plan on treating your jar of lotion the same way you treat highly perishable food (that is, refrigerate it to be used up within a week), they’re a necessary evil. We have, however, worked hard to select effective preservatives with the lowest instances of irritation and established long-term safety.

ARTICLE III. love of fuzzy creatures. We take a firm stance against animal cruelty. Our products are tested on (mostly) willing humans and our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who have adopted the same policy. We also do our best to use recycled packaging materials and easily recyclable containers, and encourage our customers to take advantage of their local community recycling programs.

ARTICLE IV. shared confidence. Know thyself and thy toiletries. Bath and body care is a very personal thing. You know your body, your skin type, your allergies and sensitivities, and your general preferences. So, here’s where we make a pact. We offer full disclosure. We’ll always tell you exactly what’s in each product, but in return you make the promise to responsibly use that information to make the best possible choice for YOUR body. Simple? Yeah, we think so too.

AMENDMENT I. awesomely delightful smells. Because body care should be fun!

Lilly, the Amazing Bunny (our model)

Lilly, a Mini Rex, was born in spring of 2001, and was 14 years old at the time she modeled for us, making her one of the oldest living bunnies (typical age span is 6-10 years). She was a happy Santa Barbara house bunny and enjoyed attending the annual Bunny Festival sponsored by BUNS, the bunny rescue group. She was particularly fond of having her ears gently stroked, getting brushed, and nibbling on her banana and strawberry treats. Lilly passed on to the sunny fields of eternity in October 2015 and is dearly missed.